Total price of this service is £25.00. Price includes Companies House fee.

Incorporation of your company will take approximately 4 hours. If you need the same day certificate please ensure you submit your application before 1pm*.

After successful incorporation you will receive your company documents by email: Certificate of Incorporation (PDF), Memorandum and Article of Association (PDF), Minutes of First Meeting (PDF), Company's Register

If you so wish, we will recommend your business to our HSBC bank partner. With HSBC you can apply for a free bank account for your company. You can benefit from free online banking, and get free a £75 Google Ad Words voucher. Furthermore we will refund you £25, when you present us your account number and sort code of your HSBC business bank account. Also with this package you will get our free Business Guide 2008/2009.

This package is suitable for a trading and dormant company. However we recommend ordering Classic Pack for trading company, as banks will ask for hard copies of company documents. If you wish to register Dormant Company (non trading company), please see our special service for Dormant Company.

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